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First off, please don't be intimidated by the fact that this is a closed membership, or the fact that we may come off as kind of scary at times. We simply like to keep track of who is here. If you are as obsessed as we are, more than likely you will be in.

QSMGSFD is an organization created by calenelleth and begoniaa. It stands for "Quenya Speaking Movie Going Sword Fighting Dorks" and focuses on those obsessed with LOTR.

Memberships into the group are obtained by contacting one of us at either aenmango@hotmail.com or veralidaine8@yahoo.com. Other than that, we're sorry if you don't make it.

&& .. RULES
1. Must be actively obsessed with the books, movies, and everything else to do with Tolkein.
2. Must be able to hum along with all of the LOTR soundtracks.
3. Must read LOTR at least once every year.
4. Cannot be obsessed simply because he/she/it thinks someone or something in the movie is cute/sex animal.
5. Must be controlled. Meaning you do not pee your pants when excited.
6. Is not allowed to cut hair (besides trims) throughout their membership.
7. Must take part in group hair braiding sessions.
8. Must be able to wield a sword without chopping self or other into pieces.
9. Although "archery" is not in the description, must be able to string a bow.
10. All members must grasp the concept that slash is a crime!! revised: Slash is OK, just don't push it on Kaylan, hee hee.
11. Must like the color green.
12. Must be interested in Harry Potter as well because Harry, along with LotR, kicks butt.

*Jess and Kaylan are exempted from above rules because they are:
A. Cool
B. Refined
C. Founders
D. Not perfect